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Bridge the Gap Loan

Alternative to Payday Lending

Our Bridge the Gap loan is an alternative to payday lending designed to provide financial relief and help financially vulnerable individuals in three ways 1) Provide affordable financing to help families get back on their feet 2) help participants build an emergency savings and 3) improve their credit score. An alternative to payday loans, Bridge the Gap is designed to help individuals and families in Grant County who need it most. The loan gives borrowers immediate access to $250-$2,000 in cash. Repayment terms depend on the loan amount but are designed to keep payments as low as $35 monthly. The maximum loan term is up to 60 months and interest rates are as low as 4.25%. The loan is designed to have a low easy to afford monthly payment, which will be reported to the credit reporting agency so on-time payments will help participants strengthen their credit history and their overall financial health. The Bridge the Gap loan is specially designed to help participants build an emergency savings account of at least $125 as it is paid back. Once the loan is re-paid in full, the funds in the savings account will be available to use or save for future emergency needs. Each participant will receive personalized, confidential, and 100% free financial coaching from our professionally-trained certified financial counselors to help them achieve future financial success.

Counties Served: Grant

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